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Blog Post Raj Kapoor

Sep 18, 2023

In this interview, Raj Kapoor, founder of the India Blockchain Alliance, shares his advice for developers entering the Web3 world. He emphasized the importance of guidance, marketing, and solving real-world problems.

Zero-Knowledge-Proofs - A Primer

Aug 27, 2023

Explore Zero-Knowledge Proofs: Trust & Privacy in Digital World. Learn how Zero-Knowledge-Proofs balance proof and privacy, what are the real-world applications and challenges.

Token Gating

August 16, 2023

Token-gating in Web3 offers secure, versatile, and private access to exclusive digital experiences, turning tokens into keys for the decentralized era. Learn what it is, how it works and why it matters.

Developer Rewards

zbyte plans to offer rewards for contributions to the ecosystem and the platform, including free tokens to support the development of new quality dApps.

End User Rewards

zbyte plans to offer rewards to end users coming to the platform, and give developers mechanisms to offer rewards to their dApp users.

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