Ambassador Program

The zbyte Foundation is pleased to introduce the zbyte Ambassador Program, an exciting initiative designed to support and empower potential contributors to our vibrant community.





Web3 Blockchain Ambassador Program
Web3 Blockchain Ambassador Program

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How it works

The zbyte Ambassador Program is designed to help community members become more engaged with our platform and to support new developers and users in the Web3 ecosystem. Our ambassadors are advocates for zbyte and are responsible for spreading the word about our platform and its capabilities.


Get involved in expanding the Zecosystem

No matter where you are!


Early access to zbyte updates and features.


Exclusive access to zbyte’s developer and user communities.


Opportunities to collaborate with other developers and creators in the Web3 space.


Recognition and promotion on zbyte’s social media channels and website.


Access to special events and workshops hosted by zbyte.


Shape the future development of our platform to better meet the needs of the community.

Why you?

We believe that you have the passion, skills, and drive to make a meaningful impact on the Web3 ecosystem as a zbyte ambassador.

  1. Are you someone who is interested in launching a career in blockchain and working with the next generation of technology?
  2. Do you want to launch your own startup or are you looking for funding?
  3. Do you want to be acknowledged as a global leader and community builder?
  4. Do you want to lead and grow the creator economy?
  5. Do you believe in controlling your own identity, assets, and records of ownership?
Web3 Blockchain Ambassador Program

Ambassador Perks

In addition to the features mentioned above, zbyte ambassadors will also enjoy a range of exclusive perks, including:

  1. Access to the zbyte Ambassador Discord channel for direct communication with the zbyte team and other ambassadors.
  2. Swag bags containing zbyte merchandise.
  3. An opportunity to earn zbyte tokens through participation in ambassador activities and events.
  4. Invitations to private events and meetups hosted by zbyte.

Tap into one of the world’s biggest blockchain communities

All we need from you is to be passionate about zbyte, Web3 infrastructure, decentralization, and being active in the blockchain community!