zbyte Academy

Campus Chain Program

Access the world’s best blockchain academy and learn industry-specific and future-proof Web3 knowledge!

What does CCP offer?

Free Webinars 

Students would be able to attend webinars on the awareness of blockchain.

Intro to Special Tools

Students would work on exclusive tools offered by zbyte like Low Code No Code.

Training & Development

Students would be shortlisted on various parameters to train them forward in blockchain.

Exclusive Internships

Students would be offered internships at zbyte to get hands on experience on working on blockchain.

Career Opportunities

Only a selected few would get an opportunity to work at zbyte and be a part of the developer’s community.

Be a part of the Future

Be a part of the web3 developers’ community who are looking to change the future.

Why should students join CCP?

Make a lucrative career

Get around the world

Work on cutting edge tech

To be in-demand

Become part of the community

Why does a college need this ?

Awareness about Next-Gen tech

CCP Program will help the students, professors get an overview about blockchain. It will also help the campus make themselves next-gen ready.

Getting the students future ready

Companies will want to hire someone with basic blockchain knowledge. One way of doing that is by educating them in the skills that they would need in the future.

To get an extra edge

Provides campuses with the opportunity to become first-comers in the field of a blockchain education. At the end of the day it would offer an extra edge to showcase about the college.

Surge of Jobs

Blockchain is a very hot sector in the job market right now. Linkedin, has noticed the number of blockchain-related jobs 3X in the year 2017. Given this obvious demand, CCP will help the students get placement assistance.

Our Partners

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About zbyte

zbyte is creating a new category in the blockchain ecosystem: the decentralized platform (dPlat).

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