create dapps in a day

The world’s first decentralized platform

zbyte’s dPlat is the easy button for developers and users to become a part of Web3

blockchain dApp development
Low code/no code interface


Low code/no code interface

Build applications with minimal or no code and no complex infrastructure set up. Drag, drop, and deploy.


Build once deploy across multiple chains

Multi-chain is the future and dPlat enables it. dApps and digital assets across multiple chains expands user and developer flexibility. 

Build once deploy across multiple chains
Login using email or socials

login to wallet

Login using email or socials

Stay safe and away from the hassle of losing your keys and managing multiple wallets. Just use an existing Web2 login and get secure access to your zbyte wallet. 


Connectors to existing databases for dApps

Use information and data in existing Web2 cloud or storage infrastructure while building dApps. Make Web2 and Web3 work together to maximize value. 

Connectors to existing databases for dApps
Fund user gas fees and charge them in fiat

new business models

Fund user gas fees and charge them in fiat

Make the life of your users easy and let them reimburse you for the fees you pay. Meanwhile, you only pay in ZBYTE, so no worrying about multi-token management. 

Powered by only the ZBYT token

One dApp store to rule them all

zbyte’s multi-chain dApp store will allow dPlat developers to easily publish dApps to users


Frequently asked questions

zbyte Foundation is the non-profit responsible for overseeing the growth and evolution of the open source dPlat, its community, and the dApp store.

The zbyte Foundation will also enable decentralized governance of the zbyte grants program, the dApp store management to ensure dApp integrity, and token management all via implementation of a DAO.

The world’s first decentralized platform (dPlat) which simplifies dApp creation by providing the tools needed to enable a thriving ecosystem for developers.

The zbyte dPlat can be considered an easy button for dApp creation, removing the barriers and complexities of deep programming knowledge, wallet management, and Web2 integrations.

The key components of zbyte’s dPlat which make dApp creation easy, quick, and seamlessly deployable are explained in the following sections.

  • Low-Code/No-Code interface that any developer can use
  • Wallet creation and management with standard accounts
  • Integrations with system of records
  • Multichain support
  • Decentralized dApp store

There are three types of contributors to the dPlat. These include the dApp developers, open-source contributors, and the DAO members who vote on maintenance and upgrade proposals for dPlat.

The zbyte dApp store will be a decentralized, one stop shop for developers to create, publish and monetize their dApps. While decentralized, the dApp store will furnish a clean and modern user interface akin to traditional app stores to ensure a good user experience. In the dApp store, users can download dApps and driving economic value for themselves and creators

The zbyte token (ZBYT) will be a utility token and will be required to transact within the zbyte ecosystem. The token will serve four primary purposes:

  • Usage of the dPlat without tracking underlying infrastructure fees
  • Staking fees and rewards
  • Developer and user engagement
  • dApp store fees.

The ZBYT token will be the only token required to transact or interact on the dPlat.